Ecclesiastical Insurance Group achieve the CommunityMark


Ecclesiastical Insurance Group's well-integrated approach to community investment is underpinned by clearly linking social and business issues, with a particular focus on support for communities located near to its Gloucester head office.

Societal impacts

  • Enabled 214 young people to achieve positive housing outcomes through support for homeless charity Gloucestershire Nightstop.
  • 40% of charities are better informed about public liability insurance due to support for KnowHow NonProfit website.
  • Over three months, 30 new carers in Gloucestershire have been reached and over £13,000 in benefits brokered for vulnerable carers through the company’s funding of care advisers.

Business impacts

  • Contacts made at a network conference with corporate charity partner Carers Trust led to contract to insure 146 centres.
  • Ecclesiastical Insurance's brand awareness increased by 4% in 2012 amongst the key target audience of the charity sector, with a 31% increase in the number of organisations who would consider Ecclesiastical Insurance for their insurance needs since 2010.
  • A 60% decrease in claims due to metal thefts in 2012 resulted from the launching and running of the Hands off our church roofs campaign

Ecclesiastical Insurance GroupEcclesiastical Insurance Group has engaged a range of local stakeholders to understand the key issues affecting its communities and the business. These issues are:

  • Supporting vulnerable young people and adults

  • Increasing the number of carers

  • Protecting heritage against crime and anti-social behaviour

  • Helping charities to become more sustainable.

This entire approach is focused on the communities local to Ecclesiastical’s offices.  The firm's employees are encouraged to support local communities using the company’s Helping Hands volunteering programme and the company’s 125th Anniversary funding scheme.

To achieve positive changes in the community, Ecclesiastical Insurance has developed a range of partnerships. These include:

  • Providing office space free of charge to homeless charity Gloucestershire Nightstop, allowing the charity to continue to operate.

  • Working with the Carers Trust as the company’s chosen national charity partner, funding the Trust’s national conference, research, and a local care adviser.

  • Seconding employees to the  Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH) to develop tools and guidance for the Heritage Crime Prevention programme.

Ecclesiastical is the largest insurer of listed and heritage properties in the UK. A key issue affecting such properties is crime. 18.7% of all listed buildings were damaged by crime in 2012, with many of those subject to metal theft, especially amongst churches.

In 2012, as part of the Hands off our church roofs campaign, Ecclesiastical invested £0.5 million to install alarm systems on more than 100 ‘at risk’ churches covering UK mainland dioceses and sent information to other local churches to raise awareness about the initiative. This investment has resulted in a 60% drop in reported thefts, saving Ecclesiastical £2.7 million in payouts between 2011 and 2012.

The company has also developed its Helping Hands programme to enable employees to support key local causes. These can be aligned to the business’ priorities, but also give employees the flexibility to choose their own causes.

Over 50% of employees were involved in 2012, and 96% of those employees reported that their involvement made them proud to be an Ecclesiastical employee.

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