E.ON - The E.ON Energy Experience

Education Award, supported by UKCES 2014, Big Tick, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

E.ON’s Energy Experience inspires school children to learn about energy through interactive events and online resources, while supporting business objectives and generating positive media coverage.

Social impacts

  • Live education events provided over 13,000 pupils from 139 primary and secondary schools with an engaging learning experience and a hands-on way of learning about energy conservation in 2013.
  • By focusing on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), E.ON enhances pupils’ learning in a core area of the curriculum to ignite an interest in these subjects.
  • Developed online resources for 5-16 year olds available for use by teachers and others.

Business impacts

  • Education activity directly supports key business projects and the delivery of some of obligatory requirements.
  • Working in key locations, the programme strengthens E.ON’s position as a member of the local community and helps its neighbours to better understand and accept its business.
  • By demonstrating E.ON’s brand and UK strategy in action, the programme has enhanced its reputation, with 30 media articles published in 2013.

The Energy Experience has been our education programme in the UK for a number of years and the team has worked hard to constantly monitor, evaluate and evolve the project to ensure that it meets the needs of both schools and our business. In moving to supporting key business projects and locations, we’ve been able to demonstrate how community relations work and, in this case, our education activity can help to establish local partnerships and play an important role in delivering our UK strategy.

- Julie Greenwood,
Head of External Communication, E.ON UK
E.ON wants to educate young people about energy, where it comes from and why it is important to look after the planet’s resources and not waste them, informing the next generation about how to be responsible energy consumers.

Set up in 2006, EO.N’s Energy Experience has developed to include online resources for 5-16 year olds, teacher handbooks, volunteering, live events, workshops and partnership working with schools and local organisations. It targets all key stages of education, with activities tailored to each age group.

Since 2012, all E.ON’s education and community activities have focused on key geographical areas and local partnerships. This enables the company to target schools in key locations and build relationships through direct contact and running live events.

Working with over 13,000 primary and secondary pupils, 2013 events included live theatre, drama sessions, hands-on science workshops and STEM sessions. Pupils don’t just watch and listen but get involved with the action to really understand the importance of saving energy.

Feedback from schools has shown that teachers value an experience they would not be able to deliver themselves, in terms of finance, resources, time, equipment and expertise.

It has also supported key strategic objectives, including a smart metering trial in Nottinghamshire and a project called On the Road, where E.ON vehicles took energy efficiency advice to ‘hard to reach’ communities. This helped the business meet its Energy Company Obligation (ECO) targets. Both projects included a series of community events – and the education programme and partner schools played a big role in this.

In 2013, E.ON achieved 30 pieces of media coverage, worth more than £46,000, reaching a circulation of more than three million.

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