ERIKS Industrial Services Ltd - ERIKS TRI2015 Global Wellbeing Challenge

The Bupa Wellbeing at Work Award, Shortlisted, 2016

ERIKS Industrial Services Ltd brought their global workforce together through a healthy lifestyle challenge which boosted engagement as well as employee wellbeing.

Good for society

  • A follow up survey to participants in the ERIKS TRI2015 challenge found high levels of enjoyment and benefits resulting from the challenge. 96% of respondents said they would be very likely to participate future health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • The challenge achieved a measurable improvement in both physical and mental wellbeing, with 86% of participants reporting improvements. Many individuals have continued to wear their pedometers.

Good for business

  • ERIKS Employees worldwide valued the TRI2015 Challenge as an opportunity to improve communication and teamwork between the countries.
  • Survey results and feedback revealed that employees felt valued, and that their personal as well as professional wellbeing was being supported.

ERIKS UK logoAs part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility ERIKS supported its employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally through exercise and volunteering.

Based on NHS advice that walking 10,000 steps a day can help improve health and wellbeing, a nine week step and CSR challenge was launched called TRI2015, open to all employees and with prizes for each country or region. 

Country Challenge Ambassadors promoted the programme, and employees signed up in teams of five. Pedometers were issued and a dedicated web page set up to record each individual’s daily steps, which was then fed into a league table of the teams and their progress. Using a base week of ‘normal activity’ at the start of the challenge, the winning team would be those that had increased their steps the most from their base week.

Employees were offered opportunities to gain further 'steps' from work within their community or with coaching/mentoring, volunteering, fundraising etc.

In total 20% of ERIKS' global workforce took part and 78% of those that did said they enjoyed and benefited from the challenge and would be very likely to volunteer for future Health and Wellbeing Initiatives. Survey results and feedback revealed that employees felt valued, and that their personal as well as professional wellbeing was supported.

What ERIKS Group's CEO said:

“The TRI2015 was an initiative that was inclusive to all ERIKS Employees – Worldwide. And, I'm proud to say, lead from the top!

Board Members to Warehouse Operatives alike sported their ERIKS pedometers throughout the challenge and were most encouraged by the sense of team and camaraderie across the ERIKS Companies and countries.

The initiative came on the back of two previously successful Wellbeing Challenges (UK only & UK v USA). Feedback suggested that Employees welcomed the support of ERIKS and saw the initiative as a real benefit to them. For us the success of this challenge was as much about the coming together of our people, world-wide, as it was from the marked improvement of their health and wellbeing.” - Marc Beckers, CEO ERIKS Group


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