Finance Wales - JEREMIE Fund

Wales Enterprise Growth Award supported by Menter Iontach Nua, Big Tick 2014, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Finance Wales’ JEREMIE Fund is a unique combination of EU Structural Funds and other investment which provides financial support to a wide range of Welsh SMEs to enable growth.

Social impacts

  • £119.9m invested across over 500 Welsh SMEs.
  • Helped create 2,061 jobs and safeguard over 6,000.
  • The Fund has successfully leveraged £135m of private sector money.

Business impacts

  • The Fund’s design and delivery has been endorsed by external stakeholders including the European Investment Bank, helping to enhance Finance Wales’ reputation.
  • As a result of enhanced external perceptions across the UK, Finance Wales was invited to tender for several fund management opportunities in England and won three contracts worth £72m.
  • The Fund has enabled the company to launch a subsidiary creating 51 jobs over six years.

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Had it not been for Finance Wales’ backing at a critical time when it was nigh on impossible to raise loan capital from the banks, we would not have been able to complete the management buyout and in the process safeguard over thirty jobs plus an additional fifty casual jobs in our call centre.

- Phil Evans,
Managing Director at Research & Marketing Group
Finance Wales, the largest UK Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) investor, makes commercial investments through a flexible investment approach.  It is an SME backing other SMEs to realise their potential for growth and innovation.

The JEREMIE Fund was established in response to a gap between the supply of and demand for access to finance in the SME sector in Wales.  It aims to provide finance to SMEs that struggle to obtain funding from banks or private venture capitalists, and is also available for viable social enterprises.

This unique funding programme combines EU Structural Funds with complementary sources of investment, allowing Finance Wales to tailor its investments to the needs of each SME. 

Finance Wales has supported Welsh SMEs to embed long-term, sustainable business improvements and encouraged responsible business practices to improve their effectiveness.

The Fund model itself has been praised by third party stakeholders, has potential to be exported into England and other parts of Europe, and has enabled Finance Wales to grow as a company through securing new contracts.

Since 2008, the JEREMIE Fund has supported over 500 SMEs, created 2061 jobs, safeguarded an additional 6237 jobs and invested £119.9m in Wales’ SME sector.