GE Aviation Wales - HealthAhead Programme

The Wellbeing at Work Award, sponsored by Healthy Working Wales, Shortlisted 2016

GE Aviation Wales is looking after its staff with a programme designed to increase mental and physical wellbeing. Focusing on prevention and wellbeing, the programme is making GE and the communities it works in healthier.

Good for business

  • The programme helps maintain sustainable business performance by reducing sick days and increasing engagement.
  • The programme is helping usher in a new positive business culture.

Good for the workplace

  • The staff’s physical and mental health has improved.
  • Employees report feeling more engaged with their work and the company.

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The HealthAhead programme is part of a GE-wide initiative which aims to build a culture of health within GE sites. Employees are helped to live healthier lifestyles by making small changes in the workplace and at home. GE Aviation Wales is a HealthAhead certified site.

The number of people living with obesity in the UK has more than trebled in the last 25 years. If current trends continue, experts say almost three in four adults could be overweight or obese by 2035. In addition to this, according to the BBC one in four adults in England is currently suffering with a mental condition. For GE this potentially equates to nearly 300 employees. 

The health of GE employees is paramount to the company and reports into health and wellbeing programmes at work have shown that businesses who are committed to their employees’ health achieve better financial income and a lower turnover rate of employee, as well as high morale and engagement.

GE Aviation Wales is taking a holistic approach, focused on preventing illness. Amongst the subjects the programme includes information about are: mental health awareness, sleep counselling, prevention and screening, smoking, and a wide variety of other ways to stay healthy. 

GE specialises in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of a range of commercial jet engines. The company employs a highly skilled workforce of over 1,200 people, with over 90 customers worldwide.

What GE Aviation Wales' Managing Director said:

“HealthAhead is a GE wide initiative that aims to build a culture of health within GE sites. At GE Aviation Wales, our culture of health is about progress. It’s about giving our employees the opportunity to lead healthier lifestyles and helping them to make small changes both within the work place and in the home to improve their way of living. It’s not about achieving perfection but about supporting employees with their wellbeing and enabling the company to be proactive when it comes to our people’s health.” - La-Chun Lindsay, Managing Director, GE Aviation Wales

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