Greggs plc - Ready for Work

Work Inclusion Award 2014, Big Tick, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Greggs gives offenders and ex-offenders the chance to gain work experience and employment, building staff loyalty and demonstrating the company’s core values.

Social impacts

  • Providing hope, trust and opportunities and therefore reducing re-offending rates and the associated costs to society.
  • Reducing high unemployment rates amongst disadvantaged groups by offering them work experience and paid employment, where possible.
  • Taking a one person at a time approach, Greggs offers the most appropriate support to each individual, which maximises the placement’s chances of success.

Business impacts

  • Demonstrating the company’s core values and its commitment to being a good corporate citizen.
  • By recruiting from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, Greggs receives real loyalty and commitment from its recruits.
  • Providing great development opportunities for Greggs’ staff keeps them highly motivated and engaged.

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Through Ready to Work, Greggs has proved it can deliver a sustainable programme working with a number of other employers since 2010, in the complex world of our justice system.

The ‘one person at a time’ approach taken by the team has been extremely successful and enabled them to continue to refine, amend and develop our programme ensuring it has inspired our people internally, encouraged other employers to get involved. Most important of all, it has provided work opportunities for offenders and ex-offenders in our business. We are extremely proud of the journey we are on and the impact we have made.

- Roger Whiteside,
Chief Executive, Greggs
Greggs’ Ready to Work programme has been developed with the prisons and probation trusts to provide both offenders and ex-offenders with personal and work development experiences. This builds their confidence and self-esteem, leading to work experience and paid employment – aiming to break the cycle of re-offending and reduce its cost to society.

The company aims to run three Ready to Work programmes each year with other local employers, demonstrating the sustainability of this initiative. It supported three such business in 2013.

Greggs has now built partnerships with 12 prisons and seven probation trusts. Each participant receives a high level of support, using a one person at a time approach. This maximises the potential of success for the placement.

By going into prisons and delivering training sessions, Greggs is providing hope and building confidence. For some people, it is creating a sense of trust that has been lacking in their lives. It also changes perceptions among Greggs’ employees and the other businesses it supports about employing ex-offenders.

From a business perspective, every employee who gets involved in the programme feels immensely proud of the difference they can make and, as a result, their level of motivation and engagement rises significantly. In a 2013 staff survey, 84% of employees said they felt Greggs put a lot back into the local community.