HardingEvans - #TeamHE Be Inspired

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Inspiring Young Talent Award, Winner (small company) 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

HardingEvans Solicitors’ talent pipeline programme is rooted in the company’s values and is having a significant impact on young people and the business.

Business impacts

  • Reduced recruitment cost – successfully reduced recruitment costs into the business by around £29,000.
  • Reduced IT downtime – the influx of new talent into the IT department has led to HelpDesk waiting times coming down by 1.6 days.
  • Increased sales – the recruitment of a young person through the scheme as the company’s Digital Marketeer has dramatically improved direct sales; a direct impact of their work on various social media platforms.

Social impacts

  • Inspirational work experience – 60 young people have collectively had 60 weeks of work experience since the inception of the programme.
  • Fairer recruitment – challenged and successfully changed existing recruitment practices, so that they now focus on assessing valuable “soft skills”.
  • Supporting the community – the introduction of a younger demographic into the workforce has resulted in changes to the firm’s CSR policy and resulted in new initiatives such as fundraising for a local charity (£7,000).

HardingEvans logoHardingEvans Solicitors is a small law firm based in Newport, South Wales, which employs 130 people. The firm provides a range of specialist legal advice and services to SMEs across a broad geographic area.

Under the brand of #TeamHE Be Inspired, the programme aims to make work experience truly inspirational. Supported at every level of the organisation, with clear targets and issues that need to be achieved, it is having a huge effect on the young people who are part of it, the culture of the business and the bottom line.

The programme incorporates everything that new recruits to the legal sector are looking for, including more youth friendly recruitment practices focusing on soft skills, mentoring support, development opportunities and formal skills training.

HardingEvans have successfully identified synergies between reinvigorating their own workforce, improving skills, saving money and increasing sales and taking a role in supporting young people into work. The clear methodology deployed is one which could be replicated by many other companies.

Joy Phillips, Practice Director, HardingEvans Solicitors:

“A long-term effect of recessionary times has been the challenge faced by most young people once full-time education is finished. We have heard about the “lost generation” and everyone at HardingEvans feels a responsibility to do our bit and stop that becoming a reality within our community. Our initiative is an important part of our strategic development and is making a difference to the community and to our business. We believe other businesses could adopt our approach, not only for the business benefits, but to help create a more prosperous local community.”