HSBC - HSBC's environmental work

The Asda Environmental Leadership Award, Shortlisted, 2016

HSBC have built a reputation for climate action through water and sanitation programmes, research into climate change solutions, investment in innovation, and training for future leaders in sustainability. 

Good for the environment

  • With HSBC's support nearly 1.3m people have been provided with safe water and over 1.9m with sanitation.
  • The company has also reduced their carbon emissions by 40% in the UK by sourcing their own renewable energy.

Good for business

  • HSBC is a leader in the Forest500 ranking of investor sustainability.
  • The company is widely recognised for its award-winning climate change analysis; it was ranked number one by Thomson Reuters Extel 2014 for climate change research.

HSBC logoHSBC has created a number of initiatives tackling the causes and effects of climate change, from influencing the business world through research to managing their own energy consumption. These include:

The HSBC Eco-efficiency fund invests $5m annually to develop new ways of working, based on employee innovations. Over $13m has been allocated to sustainable innovation projects since the fund was launched in 2012.

  • HSBC UK has started generating its own renewable, zero-carbon electricity in partnership with two UK wind farms.

  • HSBC's award-winning Climate Change Centre of Excellence has issued more than 60 research papers and reports in the last 12 months, exploring climate policy, climate impacts and the transition to a low carbon economy.

  • The HSBC Water Programme, which has supported life-saving work by Earthwatch, WaterAid and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

  • Staff training programme in Sustainability Leadership, Sustainability Risk, and Citizen Science Leadership.

HSBC's programmes and partnerships have provided well over one million people with safe water and sanitation, the company has reduced their own carbon emissions by 40% in the UK, and achieved a 50% reduction in total waste since 2011. 

What HSBC Holding Plc's CEO said:

"There is a business imperative to get involved in green financing, as well as a moral imperative. HSBC stands ready to play its full part, and we look forward to working together to build the low-carbon future to which we all aspire.” - Stuart Gulliver, CEO, HSBC Holdings Plc.

What HSBC Holding Plc's Global Chief Operating Officer said:

“Operating sustainably makes good business sense. Alongside the environmental benefits, there’s a strong business case for each of our 2020 goals. You don’t have to choose between going green and making savings. Seen as a whole, the changes we are making to manage our impact on the environment can contribute to cost savings over the long term.” - Andy Maguire, Global Chief Operating Officer, HSBC Holdings Plc.

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