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Lanchester Group - Meeting and maintaining the Lanchester Group’s carbon minus status

The Asda Environmental Leadership Award, Shortlisted, 2016

By investing in renewable energy the Lanchester Group has become a carbon minus company and made itself an appealing choice for consumers concerned about environmental impact.

Good for the environment

  • Lanchester Group currently creates more clean energy than it uses from its three wind turbines, making the company carbon minus.
  • The surplus energy, approximately 3.4 million kWh, is enough to power 850 standard three bedroom semi-detached homes for a year.

Good for business

  • Wines bottled at Lanchester’s Greencroft Bottling Company can display a sustainably bottled message on their bottles. Research shows consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.
  • Lanchester has positioned itself at the forefront of sustainable packaging through its use of recycled materials.

Concerned by dependency on fossil fuels and their damaging impact on the environment, the Lanchester Group is exploring alternative, more environmentally friendly options. Lanchester Energy was established with the aim of producing all the energy required to power the group's business activities from renewable sources.

Lanchester invested £4.6m in three wind turbines which generate up to six million kWh per year, equivalent to power for 1,500 homes. The group has also adopted other initiatives, including power saving automatic lights and thermal glass windows in its buildings. All glass bottles used are partly recycled, and TetraPak cartons are recyclable and from sustainable sources. Waste and surplus packaging materials, including plastic, cardboard, unused labels and caps, wood, metal and glass, are all recycled. 

The company uses approximately 43% of the energy it produces and the surplus is fed into the National Grid. This means the company is Carbon Minus – it creates more clean energy than it uses. The surplus energy, approximately 3.4 million kWh, is enough to power 850 standard three bedroom semi-detached homes for a year. 

As well as protecting the environment, Lanchester's work to make its entire business sustainable helps them appeal to consumers committed to positive social and environmental impact.

 What Lanchester Group's Managing Director said:

“As a country our power stations are close to capacity - the lights really could go out very soon. Every business has a duty of care to ensure it has practices in place to reduce its carbon footprint and reliance on non-renewable energy supplies, and through Lanchester Energy, the Lanchester group of companies has invested £8m in renewable energy technologies at our County Durham and Gateshead sites. We are now powered almost completely by renewable wind and solar energy, and as such have become a Carbon Minus company meaning we produce more electricity than we use.” - Tony Cleary, managing director of the Lanchester Group