Legal & General - Business Class Partnership with Pen y Dre High School

Careers Wales School Partnership Award, Winner 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

Legal & General’s needs-led, strategic partnership with Pen y Dre School in Merthyr Tydfil is revolutionising pupils’ experience of the world of work, giving them contact with professionals whilst also providing development and volunteering opportunities for the company.

Business impacts

  • Engaged workforce – 62 employees have volunteered to support the partnership and have reported a 6% increase in work-life balance.
  • Up-skilled future customers – by providing financial education workshops and sessions to young people, Legal & General has empowered them to make more informed decisions and be more savvy customers in the future.
  • Staff development – partnering volunteers with other staff members has ensured a smoother transition between roles and locations, building morale and team effectiveness.

Social impacts

  • Built employability skills – young people received employability, CV writing and interview workshops, with 100% recommending the sessions for other age groups.
  • Tackled financial exclusion – 59 students took part in financial education workshops, with all recording 100% improvement in awareness of financial obligations and money management.
  • Engaged young people – after surveying over 600 pupils at the school, a Business Class Council was established, creating support and buy-in for the Business Class programme.

Legal & General logoThe Legal & General Group, first established in 1836, is one of the UK’s leading financial services companies, managing over £268 billion in investments in the UK. In Cardiff, Legal & General employs around 1,300 people and provides insurance, protection and investment products for customers.

The company's Business Class partnership with Pen y Dre High School has delivered tangible benefits for the school (both for pupils and teachers) and also provided valuable development opportunities for employees.

The approach taken by Legal & General embodies the spirit of the Careers Wales School Partnership Award, looking at what the school needs and establishing how the business can provide support for this.

Legal & General has used the partnership to provide a multitude of activities to support careers and employability and to provide financial education to pupils over a sustained period. This addresses a key social need and provides an opportunity for Legal & General to upskill future customers and explore the talent pipeline for the wider financial services sector.

“This partnership is outstanding – our best yet – demonstrating the social purpose which forms a large part of our strategy for success. It shows how we support the issues that matter to our business and society, putting capital and human resource into areas of the economy and society that we believe really matter. Working with Pen y Dre to create a sustainable programme, inspiring young people to break free of cultural and economic constraints is a huge achievement, of which I am justifiably proud both as CEO, and a human being.” Nigel Wilson, Group Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Corporate Responsibility & Ethics Committee, Legal & General