Lettuce Flowers - Sustainable event flowers

Sustainable Products and Services Award, Big Tick 2014, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Lettuce Flowers has embedded environmental sustainability into its core business by offering locally grown and seasonal edible flowers reducing the environmental impacts associated with the cut flower industry.

Social and environmental impacts

  • Lettuce Flowers is contributing to a positive impact on greenhouse gas reduction, through avoiding the use of cut flowers grown under intensive and monoculture farming practices.
  • Lettuce Flowers is reducing the waste going into landfill, though promoting living plants and compostable containers.

Business impacts

  • Lettuce Flowers has benefited from cost saving as a result of using less energy and water by working with locally grown plants.
  • Offering a sustainable alternative to the cut flowers has attracted new business due which has led to a 15% growth year-on-year

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Responsible event organisers want to know their events are sustainable down to the very last detail of flowers. We can help them reduce waste and the cost of disposal; saving them money, increasing profits and boosting their reputation. They're something out of the ordinary, they're sustainable and guests will be talking about the event for months after, when competitors' events will be long forgotten.

Lettuce Flowers began in 2010, in a response to the high levels of waste existing in the cut flowers industry. 

The company uses locally grown, seasonal edible flowers, herbs and salad leaves to provide the events industry with fresh floral displays that provide an alternative to traditional cut flowers. They also provide products with longevity, as opposed to flowers lasting just a few days.

The environmental impacts of imported cut flowers grown in countries like Kenya and Columbia often have devastating impacts on the land, waterways and human health; due in particular to the use of harmful chemicals which are often banned in the industrialised world.

Additionally, it is estimated that on average nine litres of water are used in the cultivation of one rose stem. Cut flowers also need to be kept fresh using water mixed with chemicals similar to household bleach, which is often later disposed of into drains by wholesalers, retailers or consumers. 

In contrast, Lettuce Flowers' unique approach of using UK seasonal edible plants, accompanied with a recipe suggestion and basic plant care instructions, engages customers in learning more about the lifecycle of the product. Reducing the use of cut flowers also leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a reduction in fossil-fuel based chemicals.

As well as being UK grown, all of Lettuce Flowers' baskets, containers and pots are fully compostable, biodegradable or re-usable. This ensures that no plastic goes into landfill, helping the company achieve its zero waste policy