Logistik – Sustaining our Partnerships

Arts and Business Award, Winner 2012, Re-accredited 2013, 2014

Logistik – Sustaining our Partnerships

Through its numerous long-term art and creative parternships Logistik aims to create sustainable mutually beneficial partnerships with arts organisations in local communities providing the company with a unique way to challenge, motivate and develop its employees, local talent and local economy in Leeds and London.

Business Impacts

  • Logistik has recorded £841,000 generated from participation in the Northern Art Prize which includes £154,000 profit. The company has gained over £385,000 worth of PR.
  • Through communicating their work, Logistik now has an increased number of employees asking to participate or suggesting projects. They also have an increased number of organisations wanting to collaborate with them.
  • A lot of projects are designed to increase the participant’s confidence and presentation skills. This assists enormously in delivery of their roles and responsibilities, especially client facing.
  • The winning prize for the Northern Art Prize (£16,500) means the winner is able to pursue Art full time. The Prize is focused on artists living and working in the North encouraging development of the region and economy.

Social Impacts

  • Working with Grassington Festival means Logistik is able to help the Festival grow year on year, therefore attracting bigger acts to the Festival (and region) as well as enabling them to do more for local talent.
  • Logistik is a founding sponsor of Northern Art Prize, promoting the region as a great place for Artists to work.
  • The company worked with the East Leeds Academy for 2 years, mentoring nine 11-13 year olds, which included showing them the Logistik offices and talk ing to them about different career paths.
  • Two employees have been recruited in the Logistik Studio through Screen Yorkshire campaigns to get young people into creative careers.

Logistik’s work with the cultural sector and community partners is aligned to the company’s core business plan and shaped under two headings – Enterprise and Education. Over the past five years they have developed strong partnerships within the areas surrounding their offices in Leeds and London. These relationships have blossomed to give both Logistik and the organisations mutually beneficial outcomes. In the past two years the company has invested £260,000 (money/time equivalent). In 2012 we expect the annual figure to increase to £140,000.

We are over the moon to have received a Big Tick acknowledging all the time and effort we put into working with local Arts organisations. They’re a part of our community and the fabric of our business.

- Dirk Mischendahl,
Joint Managing Director

"Logistik are continually driving the frontiers of positive corporate social responsibility and employee supported volunteering. As a proactive partner they have made a positive impact on a range of young people’s lives, broadening horizons and raising aspirations in some of the city’s most deprived communities" Andrew Jackson, Leeds Ahead

Logisitik chooses their arts partners and projects based on a variety of factors such as location, who they work with (for example providing Arts qualifications for disadvantaged youth who don’t thrive in traditional education surroundings), the benefits the company can add and the development potential for employees. Some of the key projects and programmes the company has partnered with include:

  • Northern Art Prize  - Logistik is a founding sponsor. Now in its 5th year and gaining momentum, they share our passion for promoting creativity in the North. This partnership gives clients a clear understanding of the company’s commitment to the Arts

  • Grassington Festival - This partnership provides an opportunity to use Logistik’s skills to develop an exciting organisation bringing Arts to remote areas of Yorkshire

  • Interplay is a local arts organisation working with disabled/disadvantaged youngsters offering activities similar to Logistik’s as well as GCSE equivalent qualifications

  • I Love West Leeds Festival – This organization is local to the Logistik head office and the company works with the festival to help this disadvantaged area enjoy free fun creative Arts every summer

  • Universities, colleges and schools – Logistik engages local education institutions to ensure the next generation of students (and teachers) are supported on creativity and can look to positive role models within their locality

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