Mondelēz International - Health for Life

Building Stronger Communities Award 2014, Big Tick, Shortlisted, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Mondelēz International supports healthier lifestyles among primary schoolchildren in south Birmingham, generating media coverage which has reached two million people and engaging employees in volunteering opportunities.

Social impacts

  • The first cohort has shown a 26% increase in children growing fruit and vegetables, and a 25% increase in cooking healthy meals in school.
  • All the schools which took part in the programme included healthy living in their curriculum and improved equipment and facilities to encourage healthier lifestyles.
  • Engaged 4,500 pupils plus staff, parents and family members (totalling around 13,500 people) with activities emphasising the importance of healthy living.

Business impacts

  • All employees surveyed said that the volunteering opportunities with the programme made them to feel proud to work at Mondelēz International.
  • Press coverage of the programme showcased the work that Mondelēz is carrying out to an audience of more than two million people.
  • Has strengthened links between Mondelēz and its employees by supporting schools and communities in the areas where they and their families live

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Mondelēz International is dedicated to giving back to the people living in the areas surrounding our sites, so we’re pleased to be able to support a programme which makes a sustained difference to the lifestyles of so many people in south Birmingham. The programme has already proved successful, engaging with 4,500 pupils plus staff, parents and extended family members, totalling approximately 13,500 people, about the importance of healthy living. We look forward to seeing many more children and adults across South Birmingham becoming involved with the project over the next few years.

- Maurizio Brusadelli,
CEO, Mondelēz International UK and Ireland
Food manufacturer Mondelēz Intertnational’s programme, Health for Life in Primary Schools, increases pupils’ knowledge and skills of healthy lifestyles. It is one of three healthy living programmes the company supports in the South Birmingham area.

Schools focus on healthy eating and cooking skills, growing food, physical activity and family involvement. A total of 58 schools have signed up to date, comprising 16 schools in the first cohort and 21 schools in each of cohorts two and three. The programme aims to:

  • develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle culture throughout the whole school;

  • improve the diet of schoolchildren through cooking and healthy eating activities;

  • encourage pupils to grow food to increase their knowledge and understanding of its links with healthy lifestyles;

  • increase the physical activity of children through improved use of school grounds;

  • help parents and carers understand the programme’s key message and engage ‘hard-to-reach’ parents.

An evaluation of the first cohort of schools showed all the schools sent staff on the training, included healthy lifestyle activities in their curriculum and improved their equipment and facilities. The schools reported an increase in pupils’ knowledge of healthy eating, cooking skills and growing food.

Mondelēz employees have got involved too, helping plant up raised beds and create outdoor learning areas. All employee volunteers said it made them feel proud to work at the company.

The programme has generated positive stories in the regional media, achieving 47 pieces of coverage and reaching more than two million people. It has also enabled the business to develop strong links with its employees as many have families in the area, who are directly involved with the initiative.


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