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Monmouthshire Building Society - Billion Pound Asset Legacy Programme

Wales & West Utilities Building Stronger Communities Award, Winner 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

As Monmouthshire Building Society reached a significant financial milestone, the Legacy Programme was established as a model for engaging staff, building brand reputation and supporting the development of community organisations by allocating funding.

Business impacts

  • Improved reputation – the promotion of and applications to the Programme elevated the strength and frequency of the Society’s media engagement and brand reputation.
  • Demonstrating values – the Programme directly links back to the values of the Society and this has been communicated through various media to customers, helping to grow awareness of the Society’s values and culture.
  • Engaged employees – both branch and agency staff contribute to the decision-making process when it comes to awarding grants.

Social impacts

  • Left environmental legacy – coordinating the planting of 5,000 native broadleaf trees, offsetting carbon impact and promoting health and wellbeing in the local community.
  • Supported services for vulnerable people – working with The Wallich the Society have provided a portable IT suite allowing a more flexible and efficient use of information technology to support The Wallich’s client base.
  • Built community resilience – through providing financial and other material support for 44 community groups and five large scale donations through the Billion Pound Asset Legacy Programme.

Monmouthshire Building Society logoMonmouthshire Building Society is an independent regional building society that has been operating since 1869 and provides a range of mortgage, savings, insurance and legal services. The Building Society currently employs 125 people.

The Society successfully developed (and is delivering) a programme which combined a significant growth in assets to £1bn with a mechanism for engaging staff, increasing brand recognition and building stronger, more resilient communities to the benefit of both individuals and businesses.

The Programme also services the Building Society’s broader responsible business objectives. It is truly embedded with the company’s longer term business plan, evidence of a more sustainable way of thinking about how commercial success is achieved and profits put to work.

“As a mutual organisation, supporting the communities in which we operate is a core part of our business ethos. Over time, Monmouthshire Building Society has greatly expanded this support by establishing our Charitable Foundation, making a measurable difference to many diverse cultural and charitable endeavours. Building upon these foundations, our Billion Pound Asset Legacy Programme strengthens our ongoing commitment to giving back widely and with great appreciation to the communities from which the Society was born.” - Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive, Monmouthshire Building Society