New Charter Housing Trust Group - Inspire: Integrated Family Services

Building Stronger Communities Award 2014, Winner, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

New Charter Housing Trust Group created Inspire to support tenant families affected by public service cuts to address issues such as unemployment, poor health and low educational attainment.

Social impacts

  • Helping families break self-perpetuating intergenerational cycles to bring change to the situation, circumstances and behaviours of the family unit and its members.
  • Raising the attainment and aspirations of the family unit including parents’ work readiness and children’s readiness for school by looking at attendance, attainment and engagement with the curriculum.
  • Reducing situations and behaviours with a negative impact on family members and on the neighbourhoods where they live, including crime, nuisance behaviour, domestic abuse and substance dependency.

Business impacts

  • Interventions by Inspire have enabled tenant families and others in the neighbourhood with high support needs to become better tenants and more integrated members of their communities – reducing risks to the company.
  • Helping tenants access employment and tackle underlying problems has helped improve financial sustainability and satisfaction rates amongst other customers.
  • Enhances the group’s reputation having the capability to develop solution oriented programmes for families where needs have traditionally imposed high costs on a range of public services.

New Charter Housing Trust Group

I wanted Inspire to really make a difference to our communities. By bringing three different services together we can support a whole range of people and we are getting some fantastic results. Our staff work hard to help clients confront some very serious problems and help them to overcome difficulties that can really be life changing. It takes skill, expertise and patience to help people through some of the difficulties they face. Inspire does this so well and often with spectacular effect. I’m really proud of the contribution Inspire makes to helping build strong sustainable communities.

- Ian Munro,
Group Chief Executive, New Charter Housing Trust Group
A downsizing of public services is increasingly leading to tenant families and others in the group’s neighbourhoods becoming unable to meet their own day-to-day needs and also the health, social and emotional needs of their children.

The Inspire programme has been created to bring about change with families where long-term, multiple social deprivation has led to self-perpetuating cycles of disadvantage. Inspire works with people to address issues which have a negative effect on them, their children and their neighbourhood: unemployment, crime, anti-social behaviour, poor health (including mental health difficulties and substance dependencies) and poor educational attainment and aspirations amongst children.

New Charter created the Inspire programme for the tenant families and others in its neighbourhoods being left without a safety net by on-going downsizing in public services. Inspire has three elements:

  • Inspire – Tameside families identified as meeting the Government’s Troubled Families criteria.

  • Inspire Lite – Tenant families with multiple, complex needs which don’t meet the Troubled Families criteria.

  • Inspiring Potential – Intensive, targeted work in one community to improve pre-school children’s readiness for school.

Each element has a specific focus, but all three share a solution oriented approach with families who are amongst the most disadvantaged members of society.

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