Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - NHS Apprenticeships

Inspiring Young Talent Award 2014, Big Tick, Reaccredited, 2015, 2016.

Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Trust works with local schools and colleges to create employment opportunities for local young people and recruit a highly trained workforce.

Social impacts

  • Supports the local community by creating employment opportunities for local young people and helps the Trust invest in its future workforce.
  • Helps the Trust to provide excellent quality of care for patients through highly trained workforce.
  • Working with local schools and colleges promotes the NHS as an employer of choice by highlighting NHS careers.

Business impacts

  • Allows the Trust to plan for the long-term by training the new workforce to work across a range of roles.
  • Cost effective way of recruiting and investing in a ‘Grow Our Own’ culture to a ensure highly skilled workforce for the future.
  • Training is tailored to meet the service needs and demands.

We are passionately committed to ‘Growing Our Own’ workforce and investing in the local community by developing Apprenticeships and Access to Work programmes such as The Prince’s Trust, Pre-Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

We are fortunate in being able to offer a very wide range of career options for young people. From a business perspective these programmes enable us to ensure that we are giving young people with potential the opportunity to develop, ensuring we have a committed well trained and sustainable workforce to serve our patients.

- Anna Dugdale,
Chief Executive at Norfolk and Norwich University NHS Foundation Trust
Since May 2010 the Trust has developed an initiative to create a brand of NHS Apprenticeships that delivers employment and development opportunities in the local NHS.

Apprenticeships have transformed the way the Trust recruits and demonstrates a commitment to improved service delivery and investing in staff. The objective of the programme was to start a culture change within the Trust as Managers and staff realised the benefits of creating a grow-your-own culture by introducing training posts that would attract young people into the NHS workforce, and meet the growing demand on services. 

The Trust has an ageing workforce and recruiting apprentices allows for succession planning across the organisation. Apprentices are acost effective way of ‘Growing Our Own’ workforce and enables the Trust to recruit highly trained staff. Creating new roles enables diversification of skills and the ability to meet ever increasing service demands in a new and structured way.

Apprenticeships have transformed the way the Trust recruits. This new talent stream helps them to create a highly trained, sustainable workforce offering outstanding patient care. Working in partnership with local schools, colleges and Jobcentre Plus the Trust has established Access to Work programmes such The Prince’s Trust ‘Get In To Hospital Services’ programme.

The Trust works closely with the University of East Anglia to train health professionals and undertake clinical research. The Pre-Apprenticeship programme has been extended to another local Sixth Form college; from April 2014 the Trust is hosting a Traineeship programme in partnership with Broadland Council Training Services.