NRS International - Nepal Response: Rapid Response through Collaboration

The UPS International Disaster Relief Award, supported by the Department for International Development, Shortlisted, 2016

In the wake of the Nepal earthquake, NRS International worked with local partners and engaged their staff, allowing them to quickly deliver relief where it was most needed.

Good for society

  • NRS International's operation in Nepal rapidly delivered essential relief items, assisting 197,800 beneficiaries.
  • The company enabled children to return to school and reopened religious spaces, creating a temporary monastery.

Good for business

  • NRS International built their reputation as a responsible and committed partner.
  • The company fully engaged their workforce in the drive to help Nepal recover after the earthquake, embedding corporate social responsibility throughout all operations.

NRS InternationalThe devastating earthquake that shook Nepal in 2015 took 9,000 lives, destroyed more than 600,000 homes and left many public and religious buildings in ruins. Relief product supplier NRS International looked for a way to deliver urgent relief despite a complex political situation and major logistical challenges.

As a company specialising in relief supplies and logistics, NRS International donated products and used their expertise and experience to launch a relief effort to deliver immediate aid to communities affected.

An emergency response team was created at NRS International's Dubai headquarters and staff worked around the clock to establish routes and partnerships to assist those in need. The team members experienced a severe aftershock of 7.5 magnitude while in the field, which hardened their resolve to help those most affected.

As well as delivering relief items including 10,000 blankets, 21,000 mosquito nets, and 10,000 solar lights, the company supplied specialised multipurpose tents to house 300 nuns after their monastery was damaged by the earthquake. These relief essentials assisted a total of 197,800 beneficiaries. Extra resources raised by a staff fundraising campaign were donated to a local partner charity.

NRS International's work following the earthquake has built their reputation as a responsible and committed partner and inspired and motivated their workforce.

What NRS' Managing Director said:

“Never before have my staff member been so personally involved in supporting a cause such as the Nepal response operation. I have encouraged and supported Martina and her team to enable this fund raising. Personally speaking, I love Nepal, its people and its land. Climbing the mountains there rank as some of the best experiences of my life. I am proud that NRS International is contributing to the recovery of this beautiful country.” - Farhaj Sarwar, Managing Director NRS International