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Oracle - Mind Over Matters

The Bupa Wellbeing at Work Award, Shortlisted, 2016

Software company Oracle 'Mind Over Matters' campaign connects their workforce with wellbeing resources and mental health support, enabling the company to save just under £1m from reduced absence. 

Good for employees

  • By highlighting the support their Employee Assistance Programme had to offer, Oracle has seen uptake of services double.
  • As employees are now better supported absences due to mental ill health have dropped from 34% to 27%.

Good for business

  • At Oracle long term absence requiring Occupational Health’s services was reduced from 40 to 26 days.
  • By reducing absences the company has saved £854,000 so far.

Oracle logoSoftware company Oracle aims to offer support and challenge mental health stigma among their workforce, as well as reduce absence and associated costs. Its programme, Mind Over Matters, was developed in response to a review of its workforce demographics, to gain a better awareness of employee needs and concerns. 

It developed a mental wellbeing approach that raises awareness of mental health within the workplace, signposts support, and shows employees and managers how to build resilience. 

The Mind Over Matters communications campaign included:

  • A network of Health Champions at all UK locations,

  • Intranet bulletins and articles,

  • Online wellbeing hub,

  • Wellbeing desk calendars,

  • Posters, pop-up banners, videos,

  • Discussion on Oracle Social Network,

  • Workshops and webinars.

Thanks to the programme Oracle has seen a doubling in uptake of advice, wellness coaching and CBT techniques via their Employee Assistance Programme double. Long term absence requiring Occupational Health’s services was reduced from 40 to 26 days, making just under £1m worth of cost savings.

What Oracle's Senior VP for UK, Ireland and Israel said:

“Mental Health is not a topic commonly associated with the workplace, or with our work here at Oracle. However, what we have begun to understand as part of our wellbeing programme is that our Mental Health underpins our overall health, function and behaviour. Our UK wide wellbeing

programme, “Your Wellbeing, Your Choice”, is clear in attempting to support all UK employees to be functioning to the best of their ability and feeling well and performing at work and at home. Our work with the Mental Health Foundation has shown that we all need to work to reduce the stigma around Mental Health.” - Dermot O’Kelly, Senior VP for UK, Ireland & Israel, Oracle.