P&A Group - Achieving Sustainability

Finance Wales Responsible Small Business of the Year Award, Winner 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

The P&A Group of Companies has a clear commitment to being a responsible business and the comprehensive approach being taken is delivering both powerful social and commercial benefits.

Business impacts

  • Employer of choice – there have been 12% more applications for positions with the P&A Group as a result of increased company profile within the local community.
  • Staff loyalty and pride – 90% said they were proud of the company and 85% said it is their employer of choice.

Social impacts

  • Supported the community – employees have successfully engaged over 1,060 people through school events, community projects, volunteering opportunities and mentoring programmes.
  • Reduced waste – a 0% timber waste policy has been adopted across all constituent parts of the P&A Group of Companies.
  • Engaged employees – access to car share programmes, smoking cessation courses and promotion of a healthier work-life balance has been provided across the Group.

p&a groupThe P&A Group of companies employs around 140 people across five divisions covering the manufacture of packaging, garden furniture, landscaping, a café and gift shop and serviced offices.

The Group's holistic approach to building a truly sustainable organisation has ensured that it is achieving commercial success in a responsible fashion.

As an SME, the P&A Group believes it has an obligation to grow and expand responsibly – so it can continue to support its employees, stakeholders, community partners and suppliers. This is being achieved through a comprehensive approach to responsible business practices across all five of the Group's divisions which are involved in activities including reducing waste to landfill; volunteering with community partners and schools; providing employability workshops for asylum seekers; mentoring of social enterprise; installing new innovative technologies and moulding itself into an employer and supplier of choice.

Achieving a sustainable organisation can be challenging, but P&A’s comprehensive approach is supported by a clear vision and sensible management process – all of which contributes to the successful delivery of positive commercial impacts.

Steve Morgan, Managing Director, The P&A Group of Companies:

“The P&A Group is committed to building a sustainable organisation of which our customers and stakeholders are demonstrably proud. As an SME, we are entering a new chapter in sustained growth. Linked to this is our obligation to operate as a responsible business across all aspects of our organisation. Our aim is to operate as a supplier, customer and employer of choice.”

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