Rhondda Housing Association - Working together for a brighter future

Finance Wales Responsible Small Business Award, Big Tick 2014, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Rhondda Housing Association has clearly aligned their responsible business practices with the priorities of their business and created a series of successful programmes and partnerships with the potential to make a difference to the local community and business for years to come.

Social impacts

  • 101 people have received work placements or found work experience and 17 have gained employment.
  • Financial support programmes have helped tenants increase their incomes by 10%.
  • More than 2,900 staff hours have been spent supporting initiatives on physical and environmental regeneration.
  • RHA suppliers and contractors have contributed £50k to a local fund for neighbourhood improvements.

Business Impact

  • Providing an appointment system increased levels of satisfaction with the maintenance service to 99%.
  • Reduced rent arrears by 9.62% in 12 months, improving the financial sustainability of the business
  • 93% of staff are motivated and understand where their roles fit into the business

Rhondda Housing Association | Cymdeithas tai

We consistently approach our business aims with ambitious but realistic focus on community, economic and environmental solutions that are above normal practice.

- Leslie Davies,
Chief Executive at Rhondda Housing Association

Rhondda Housing Association (RHA) is a community-based housing association working in the Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) area of South Wales, managing 1,580 homes, and employing 54 members of staff.

Their unique approach to responsible business is shaped by the fact the RCT has disproportionately high levels of unemployment, low educational attainment and poverty of aspiration.

With programmes covering a wide range of issues from social exclusion, financial literacy, food and fuel poverty, school attendance, skills training, digital exclusion to health and wellbeing, RHA is taking a truly comprehensive approach to supporting their community and improving the lives of their tenants.  Partnerships to support these projects have been established with a range of organisations including FareShare Cymru, Learn Direct and Communities 2.0.

Many of these initiatives also have direct business benefits. For instance, improving tenants’ financial literacy and access to job opportunities also improves their ability to pay rent, so ensures the sustainability of RHA's business.

Social clauses have been included in all supply chain contracts enabling RHA to multiply each £1 spent and increase its impact. Work placements and apprenticeships have been offered through RHA contractors and local businesses, with suppliers having the opportunity to contribute financially to a Community Investment Fund or offer in kind assistance.

These achievements are based on the commitment and motivation of staff, who are engaged, passionate and energised in relation to community regeneration.  2,900 hours were spent by staff in the last 12 months alone supporting physical and environmental regeneration projects.


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