Spirent Communications - Positioning Technologies Division

The Unipart Inspiring Young Talent Award, Shortlisted, 2016

Spirent Communications has launched a scheme within its Positioning Technologies Division to plug the tech skills gap and encourage a younger, more diverse workforce to take up science and technology jobs.

Good for society

  • The programme helps the local community to prepare for the workplace in STEM industries and beyond.
  • The programme has created jobs in Torbay and the South West and promotes economic development, which enables local talent to stay in the area.

Good for business

  • The programme has helped Spirent find young talent with the right skills for its business.
  • The scheme has increased diversity in the workplace leading to more innovative ideas.

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Working with local colleges and universities, tech firm Spirent Communications is providing apprenticeships, training and mentoring to help bring more young people, women and minority groups into the technology industries.

The telecommunications firm has launched a scheme within its Positioning Technologies Division which it hopes will produce the talent the industry needs to grow.

There is a significant lack of skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) both in Britain as a whole and in the Torbay area, where Spirent is based. Amongst those students who do qualify in STEM subjects there is a distinct lack of diversity with women and minority ethnic groups being under-represented.

Spirent is collaborating with local schools and colleges to attract young talent and offers sponsorship for promising undergraduate students. Employees at Spirent are given two paid days off to volunteer in schools and colleges were they can be ambassadors for STEM jobs. 

There are apprenticeships at Spirent, which enable local young talent to develop on the job training and skills for the high tech industry. Spirent has also formed knowledge transfer partnerships with universities to improve its Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS) simulator capabilities for positioning, navigation and timing.

What Spirent Communication's General Manager said:

“Our management team and employees are passionate about ensuring the business has a positive impact, which we achieve by considering the societal and environmental impact of everything we do across the business. Where possible we adopt best practice, and require our supply chain to do the same, and in collaboration with Brite Green have active programmes to improve further on what we are doing today. We are proud to run important programmes for youth workplace talent growth and STEM skills development in our local youth.” - Martin Foulger, General Manager, Spirent Communications