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UBS and Society

Engaging Customers on Sustainability Award, Shortlisted 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

UBS has encouraged its clients to make sustainable investments and developed new philanthropy solutions, which has increased its share of this market and strengthened internal relationships.

Social impacts

  • The UBS UK Optimus Foundation matched giving campaign leveraged £6 million into three high impact charities.
  • In 2013 Optimus supported 1.3 million children through 150 projects across the world.
  • In two years, UBS has increased sustainable investments by over 50% to £78 billion globally.

Business impacts

  • By October 2014, UBS had opened more than 20 Donor Advised Foundation (DAF) accounts, with an asset value of £50 million, making it the UK’s second-largest provider of this type of product.
  • It has enhanced internal relationships through collaboration between Wealth Management and the Investment Bank to develop these new financial products.
  • Forecasts show that within three years DAF will reach a total asset value of £500 million.

Established in 2014, UBS and Society is a global campaign that reaches clients, employees and wider stakeholders, covering all activities and capabilities in sustainable investing and philanthropy, as well as the firm’s community interaction. As part of this and in response to clients increasing desire to use their wealth to drive positive change, UBS has launched new philanthropy solutions to their clients, delivered by trained advisers as part of the company’s overall offer.

The UBS Optimus Foundation UK raised more than £1.5 million from just one mailing aimed at 3,000 clients. With matched funding, this leveraged £6 million into three high impact charities, making it the most successful charity launch ever.

The UBS UK Donor Advised Foundation (DAF) acts as an umbrella structure for individual client accounts. Forecasts predict that within three years it should generate enough in fees to operate profitably, safeguarding the future of philanthropy in the business.

What UBS' Chair said:

“UBS and Society is central to the firm's strategy; we have committed to address societal challenges and make societal performance part of every client conversation. Globally we are developing products and platforms to support our clients' sustainable investing, impact investing and philanthropic giving. The full suite of products is being piloted in the UK, where our long heritage of investment in the community enhances the expertise of our offering and enables us to demonstrate to our clients UBS's commitment to society.” - Richard Hardie, Chair UBS Ltd