Vista - A sustainable approach

Santander Responsible Small Business Award 2014 - Big Tick, Reaccredited, 2015, 2016.

Vista's sustainable business approach creates efficiencies which helps save clients money, while its community work has enhanced its reputation and provided staff with development opportunities.

Social impacts

  • Developing a sustainable event checklist has saved clients more than £1 million during 2012 and 2013.
  • In 2013 Vista did £142,183 worth (time equivalent) of work with third sector and community groups.
  • Recruiting more people from local areas using alternative channels such as social media, university mentoring programmes and work experience.

Business impacts

  • Sustainability drives efficiency, whether through better processes and procedures, cost savings or employee engagement and retention.
  • Clients want to work with sustainable suppliers. Operating sustainably enables Vista to comply with legislation and achieve certifications that help it win work.
  • Measurable results from community work include a better relationship with neighbours, an increased reputation and employee promotions.

Vista is an integrated design and communications agency, based in Leeds and London, which uses sustainability to drive performance and enhance quality. It operates a triple bottom line approach, with equal weight given to environmental, social and economic impacts and activities.

It aims to develop employees, freelancers and placements who are comfortable with sustainability both in their current role and can take best practice skills to future workplaces. The company has a head of sustainability but everyone plays their part. There are four company pillars, including ‘A Sustainable Approach’, around which appraisals are completed.

Event management is a big part of Vista’s work and can have a large environmental impact. Its sustainable event checklist covers at areas where energy, waste and money can be saved – and the company is not afraid to challenge client requests for large events if there is a more appropriate means of reaching their audience, such as a website. This reduces environmental impact, saves money for clients and builds trust.

Through its community outreach work, Vista encourages the next generation to consider a career in creativity. It does this through a number of channels, from working with a local school, co-delivering a project called Disrupting Poverty and mentoring university students.

The company sees its approach as central to winning work, as clients actively seek out sustainable suppliers, with some now asking Logistik for corporate social responsibility advice. At the same time, it drives efficiencies, which is essential for a small business.

"A sustainable approach is one of our core company values, it’s how we do business and something that we all truly believe in"

James Wilkins, Managing Director, Vista

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