Wales & West Housing Group - The Buy Right Initiative

Wales Sustainable Products & Services Award supported by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, Shortlisted 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

Wales & West Housing Group have implemented a procurement system designed to create benefits for the business, their tenants and for the environment.

Business impacts

  • Acting as one – introduction of the purchasing matrix has reduced silo working and increased cohesion across key departments.
  • Increased sponsorship – the new approach led to an increased robustness in internal awards, resulting in more sponsorship (up from £3,500 in 2011 to £29,240 in 2014).
  • Cost savings – a standardised approach to equipment and parts has ensured that the majority of repairs (63.3%) were a “first fix”, saving fuel, time and money by avoiding having to return to depots or source additional parts.

Environmental impacts

  • Cost parity – for the first time in the history of WWH Group, environmental considerations are of equal value to price considerations when purchasing materials.
  • Energy savings – a participating contractor has installed 49 air source heat pumps at WWHA properties, harvesting three free kilowatt hours of energy for every one kw hour used.
  • Intelligent purchasing – more research and awareness of products has meant that savings are made throughout the life of the products. For example, remote monitoring of energy systems means lower fuel costs from visiting to check them.

Wales & West Housing logoThe Wales & West Housing (WWH) Group comprises Wales & West Housing, Cambria Maintenance Services and Castell Catering. It is responsible for managing around 10,000 affordable homes in 12 local authority areas in Wales and employs over 500 people in various roles across its divisions.

WWH Group developed the Buy Right approach to encompass its approach to procurement and supplier relationships and the decisions its tenants make about maintenance. The WWH Group recognised that through working collaboratively with their supply chain, it could improve their environmental impact, and also support suppliers and SMEs to make positive changes.

This approach has delivered significant environmental benefits for the business, and also financial savings for tenants and WWH Group overall – contributing to improved business sustainability.

“Our vision is to achieve strong sustainable growth, to make a difference to lives, homes and communities. We want to work with suppliers and manufacturers that support our values. This has led to the “Buy Right” initiative and purchasing matrix, a bespoke tool created by intensive in-house collaboration that will lead to an improved understanding between the WWH Group and our suppliers.” - Anne Hinchey, CEO, Wales & West Housing Group


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