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Workspace Group achieve the CommunityMark

Workspace Group utilise their role as a home for businesses to facilitate investment in communities, developing a strategy to support employment, education and entrepreneurship amongst young people and so contributing to a more vibrant and entrepreneurial London.

Societal impacts

  • 57 young people have been supported through work inspiration work placements.
  • Workspace Group subsidised 55 work units for London Youth Support Trust (LYST), providing space for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses
  • Two businesses were supported in developing knowledge transfer partnerships, offering work placement opportunities to undergraduates and postgraduates.

Business impacts

  • Customer positivity towards Workspace was increased by 7% through the Inspiresme programme
  • Workspace Group were awarded the Global Entrepreneurs Week High Impact Award in recognition of their success in inspiring young entrepreneurs.
  • Supporting start-up businesses through LYST helped bring in new customers.

Workspace logoWorkspace Group have been recognised as a CommunityMark company for their unique role in enabling small, local businesses to support communities. The company has established its ‘3E’ strategy to guide and support this work, focusing on the key social issues affecting London:

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Entrepreneurship

The company recognises that over 60% of young people aspire to running their own company, and that as London’s biggest provider of business accommodation for SMEs and entrepreneurs, they are well placed to respond directly to this challenge.

Consequently, the company has developed a strategy to encourage and support young people to develop their own entrepreneurial spirit, whilst enabling their customers to engage with and support local communities.

A key part of this strategy is Inspiresme Week, run in partnership with the London Mayor’s office. Inspiresme Week offers the opportunity for students from the Mayoral academies to spend a week working with a local entrepreneur.

57 of Workspace’s clients supported the company in hosting these students, with over 86% satisfied by their involvement in the week, and Workspace achieving a 7% increase in customer positivity.

Workspace has also developed a long-term partnership with London Youth Support Trust (LYST). LYST supports young disadvantaged entrepreneurs who aspire to set up a business by providing subsidised business space for a three year period, together with intensive business advice and personal support. Since 2000 Workspace have been instrumental in providing the charity with the space to support over 100 of these aspiring entrepreneurs per year.

Workspace recognises that supporting young people requires intervention at an earlier age. For that reason, the company has developed a partnership with the Cricket Foundation to run the Urban 20, a twice-yearly cricket tournament for schools local to Workspaces’ sites who are involved in the Cricket Foundation’s Chance to Shine campaign.

The competition itself is complemented by support to the winning team, who work with Workspace clients to develop business skills to promote the next Urban 20. This approach ensures that the company has an integrated programme of support for young people from 12 years onward.