Bouygues UK - Wales Education Programme

Good for business
  • Developing a unique proposition – Bouygues has successfully built its education programme into a brand asset, promoting it and securing new work
  • Providing new opportunities – across the business (and supply chain) colleagues are afforded professional training and development opportunities to hone their skills
  • Attracting funding – working with external bodies to secure funding, Bouygues is now in a position to promote, and potentially, market its model to other companies within the sector
The NPTC Group of Colleges Education Award, 2017, Winner

Bouygues UK is a construction company which delivers award-winning development and regeneration projects across both the public and private sectors. By getting on the ground locally early and for a prolonged period of time, Bouygues successfully develops local expertise helping them deliver projects that work with communities and organisations.

Good for society

Wales Education Programme

Bouygues’ Wales Education Programme creates a holistic approach to bringing the construction industry into schools. By working across the age cohorts, from nursery schools to higher education institutions, the company has brought curriculum enhancing experiences to over 10,000 young people across some of Wales’ most deprived communities. Children and young people are learning through experiences they may not have had otherwise and Bouygues also has the opportunity to build relationships with communities and local groups; making their presence during a construction project more than just delivering a building.

The Programme is driven by stretching business targets and over an overarching commitment to inspire, engage and innovate the way in which STEM and education about construction is delivered. The team at Bouygues, supported from the ground up and the top down, have met and exceeded their targets for the programme, bringing over 10,000 young people through over 180 educational activities, delivering 23 work placements, successfully creating over 130 school construction ambassadors, all supported by over 800 hours of staff time. 

The benefits are not all external facing in the community and with the partner schools. Through the volunteering opportunities that Bouygues staff have been involved in 13 colleagues have taken their activity further and sought accredited leadership training; helping them to develop their own careers while having a positive impact on the future careers of young people. Bouygues itself is also seeing positive returns from the investment in the Wales Education Programme, with new clients citing it as a deciding factor in the awarding of contracts. Third party funding (from CITB) has also been unlocked to allow Bouygues to lead the development of a construction-specific pan-Wales curriculum toolkit; modelled on the company’s own Wales Education Programme and the approaches included therein.

What Bouygues’s Business Development & CSR Director said:

“Bouygues UK takes its role as a responsible business seriously, and positively engages with all levels of education and training to ensure students and teachers are fully aware of the excellent career opportunities available in the construction industry across all levels of ability. It allows us to also learn from other industries and I wholly recommend all businesses to engage and discuss the positive impacts of this programme.”Leigh Hughes, Business Development & CSR Director, Bouygues UK 

  • Addressing the skills gap – through targeted engagement in areas of high deprivation, Bouygues is developing the skills of future employees and building a pool of skilled talent ready to support the construction industry
  • Boosting aspirations – proactive engagement in schools is helping to raise the aspirations and ambitions of over 10,000 young people and get them thinking a career in construction
  • New skills – by bringing different skills and experiences into over 180 school engagements, Bouygues is boosting academic engagement and important soft skills such as confidence