Good for business
The Welsh Government Responsible Small Business of the Year Award, 2017, Shortlisted
  • Marketing edge – being a responsible business helps EcoVigour to do business with other aspirational and ethical companies and increasingly, new clients
  • New forms of income – by taking a holistic approach to what the company does, which at times can include removing trees, EcoVigour have monetised what was previously identified as waste
  • Customer relations – putting a commitment to responsible business front and centre has helped to maintain an excellent relationship with all the existing clients

EcoVigour is an environmental management contractor, working across Wales and the West of England. With experience ecological surveys, landscaping and groundworks EcoVigour provides multitude of services to clients in-house.

Originally established as an ecological consultancy, EcoVigour has always been aware of the potential impact business can have on the environment. With a drive to diversify the business, the founder began to bring in additional expertise to ensure that landscape or construction subcontracts did not go to other firms. This joined-up, one stop shop approach to an environmental consultancy resulted in EcoVigour being the company it is today.

Whilst the business itself is providing a “responsible product”, in terms of the environmental management and sustainability advice that it provides to clients, EcoVigour also practices what it preaches when it comes to being a sustainable business. From employing locally and providing well-paid, long-term and stable employment, to working with both national and local companies in the supply chain and from committing to a zero-waste target for the business to monitoring emissions and the ways the vehicle fleet is used. Through local partners, employing colleagues locally and working smarter in terms of geographical locations, the company reinvested around 80% of turnover back into the community and 2.5% of turnover is committed (and ring-fenced) to support staff training and development. 

Still at a size where all members of the company play a role in its running, EcoVigour introduced a simple Whatsapp group to help colleagues stay in touch with the last information about the business or social information. EcoVigour also partners with Coleg Gwent to provide work experience opportunities to engineering students; ensuring they can get real experiences of work and potentially inspire these prospective employees to begin a career at EcoVigour – as one of them did last year. 

EcoVigour commits to being a truly sustainable – in every sense of the word – business and a responsible business; and has successfully made being so a core part of how it does business.

What EcoVigour’s Technical Director said:

“EcoVigour was established ten years ago to restore and improve the ecological value of sites in South Wales. Since then, the company has grown consistently and collected more colleagues along the way. We have enjoyed watching these people grown in terms of confidence and ability. This has taught us the true meaning of the three key facets of sustainability, i.e – environmental, community and financial. It has not always been easy to reconcile the needs of these three facts, but we have however tried to stay true to our ethics and develop a business which delivers well for our clients, our employees and the environment.”Julian Gregory, Technical Director, EcoVigour

Good for society
  • Employee engagement – through a series of measures, including health checks, staff panels and volunteering opportunities, engagement with colleagues has been kept at a high level
  • Working locally – after reviewing the existing supply chain opportunities, EcoVigour has now developed a preference for purchasing services locally
  • Reducing our impact – moving positively towards meeting a zero-waste target and taking a new approach to monitoring vehicle fleet performance through GPS tracking; creating more data to look at how vehicles are used across the company