HEINEKEN - Moderate Drinkers Wanted

Recognising the risks that alcohol misuse present to the success of its entire industry, HEINEKEN uses its brand to promote moderate drinking to push shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour.

The challenge | What they did | The impact

HEINEKENHeineken uses its global drinks brand to encourage moderation because it believes brands resonate with customers and provide a perfect platform to spread messages about behaviour.

What was the challenge?

As a drinks manufacturer, HEINEKEN encourages the enjoyment of beer in moderation, but also recognises that there are clear health and behavioural risks associated with consuming too much alcohol, and occasions when it's better not to drink any alcohol at all.  Alcohol abuse is a completely unsustainable proposition for the business and the industry.


The company made a global commitment to use its brand to encourage moderate drinking and make moderation aspirational amongst its customers.  Its aim was to spread the message that getting drunk is no longer seen as 'cool'. To do this, it shows positive behaviour that people can aspire to, rather than criticising bad behaviour.

Through its Moderate Drinkers Wanted campaign HEINEKEN aimed to show how drinking in moderation is more attractive than drunkeness, in contrast to some people's mistaken belief that they become more attractive when they drink more.  The campaign launched at a moment of discernable shift in consumer behaviour around drinking, with the intention of adding momentum to this trend.

The impact

HEINEKEN'S Moderate Drinkers Wanted campaign reached 6.3 million people, across Facebook, video views, Twitter and cinema audiences.

It was succesful in making more people aware of its moderate drinking message, with 76% of those asked in a survey agreeing that HEINEKEN inspired them to moderate their drinking.

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