Jaguar - the XE

Jaguar has created a vehicle that combines a low-cost of ownership and reduced CO2 emissions with a great driving experience. 

The challenge | What they did | The impact

Jaguar Land Rover logoProduction of the XE has created 2,300 jobs and environmental impact is reduced through the 'closed-loop' recycling of 50% aluminium and its advanced Ingenium engine.

What was the challenge?

Jaguar needed a smaller car to attract younger customers to its brand which would also appeal to business users. Higher environmental standards and a highly competitive market required a completely new product: a brand new vehicle, engine, transmission and architecture were necessary.

What Jaguar did

Environmental innovation was essential in developing the XE. Jaguar designed and engineered its Ingenium engine to maximise performance and environmental sustainability whilst driving down running costs for car owners. A new urea-based diesel exhaust fluid that helps break down harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides, is a key feature of the Ingenium engine. Other contributors to better fuel economy and lower emissions include the XE's lightweight aluminium body and its aerodynamic design.

On the production side, closed-loop recycling of press shop aluminium provides up to 50% recycled material, delivering manufacturing cost savings and environmental benefits over the product's lifecycle.


The impact

The XE delivers class-leading low cost of ownership thanks to CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km and fuel economy of up to 75 mpg.

2,300 jobs were created by the investment of £2bn in two state-of the art advanced factories constructed for the XE; a brand new vehicle assembly facility at Solihull (a factory within a factory) and a new Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton for new four-cylinder diesel and petrol Ingenium engines.

In addition to being widely praised by motoring press and customers, the XE has won numerous awards around the world and was shortlisted for the world car of the year award 2016.

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