KPMG: CommunityMark Reaccreditation Case Study

Social Benefits
  • The City Academy Hackney, co-sponsored by KPMG, achieved its first set of exam results where 81% of students achieved five or more A* - C grades in 2014. This was 20% above the national average and makes it the top mixed comprehensive in the country for pupil progress and value added.
  • Feedback taken following 2014 Work Ready employability skill sessions saw 91% of students feeling they had a better understanding of what employers wanted and 73% of students feeling more motivated about their future job or career.
  • KPMG employees raised over £1.2m for Action for Literacy and Shelter during 2013 and 2014, including £240,000 raised through donating the first hour of their pay plus match funding.
  • KPMG has been one of the leading supporters of the Living Wage since 2005. Since then more than 45,000 workers have had their pay increased with more than £200 million has being put into the pay packets of the lowest paid workers.

KPMG has chosen to focus its support where its key strengths and resources can have the most effect. In 2014, it supported over 12,000 young people through programmes such as Work Ready and Teach First Career Insight sessions. KPMG has also committed to improve access into accountancy for young people from socially deprived backgrounds.

KPMG uses its skills, resources and a collaborative approach to tackle key social issues. As a Social Mobility Business Compact Champion, its six key issues are: preparing young people for the world of work; increasing fair access to the profession; tackling low pay through the Living Wage; increasing access to affordable and secure housing; improving literacy for young people; and promoting young leadership.

KPMG works with 30 primary schools and over 100 secondary schools or colleges nationally, to help prepare young people for the world of work. By 2016, it aims to directly engage 30,000 young people by sharing its experience of the world of work, improving skills and increasing academic attainment.

Its support for programmes such as Work Ready, Teach First Career Insight and their Business Class relationships has already resulted in 12,100 young people receiving career assistance; compared with an original target of 7,000. Its partnership with the City Academy Hackney is particularly noteworthy, with the school achieving grades 20% above the national average in 2014.

KPMG has backed up its commitment to improve access into accountancy.  As a member of the Access Accountancy initiative KPMG, alongside other accountancy firms and professional bodies, have a collective target of providing 3,750 work experience placements for young people from socially deprived backgrounds by 2019.

KPMG made a five year £5m pro bono commitment through their BRIGHT cross-border pro bono programme. Partnerships with Enactus and Free the Children saw KPMG supporting 100 students at 20 universities and 343 young people at 14 schools in the last year.  Targets have been set for employee volunteering, with 28% engaged last year, investing 47,930 working hours.  KPMG is a living wage employer and has been instrumental in supporting the Living Wage Foundation.  It now seeks to engage more FTSE350 companies in this important commitment.



Business Benefits
  • KPMG’s leadership position on the Living Wage has reaped reputational, collaborative and productivity benefits for the firm. Promoting the Living Wage increases opportunities for collaborative working and gaining access to new stakeholders.
  • KPMG is the only business represented on the Living Wage Advisory Group. 154 media articles or stories about the Living Wage with a reach of 48.7 million and a value of over £760,000 appeared between April 2013 and 2014.
  • KPMG has seen increased engagement and motivation from employee volunteers, with 87% reporting increased skills and 74% feeling an increased commitment to KPMG.