London Stansted Airport: CommunityMark Case Study

Societal Impacts
  • Through the Educational Partnerships programme, London Stansted Airport supports the provision of 26 mentors, six interview events (or 12 interview coaches) and currently offers 200 work experience placements, as well as supporting two young enterprise companies
  • Since June 2015, almost 3,000 children from 80 schools and colleges have visited the London Stansted Aerozone
  • Airport Academy trained 235 unemployed people and placed a total of 481 people into jobs in the Airport in 2014/2015
  • In 2015, London Stansted Airport’s “Meet the Buyer” event raised £1.8 million in new business for local companies, with 76% of stakeholders attending the event finding it useful
  • Its Community Trust fund provides an initial amount each and then contributes any proceeds for airport fines to be spent back into the community. In 2014/2015 £81,333 was provided in grants to 56 different groups

London Stansted Airport has a strong and comprehensive model for engaging with local and regional stakeholders in order to understand and address community needs.

Business Impacts

One of the key aims of their Community Investment programme is to deliver social value by improving the capacity of the local communities to make the most of employment and enterprise opportunities generally, as well as those in the airport’s economic zone.

London Stansted undertakes a range of activities as part of this strategy including:

  • Educational partnerships with local schools which provide a range of activities to give students ‘real-world’ experiences including interview practice, work experience and team work on bespoke projects.

  • The Stansted Aerozone, a free-of-charge, dedicated onsite education centre which provides an interactive experience about the history of the airport, STEM subjects and careers which is staffed by a dedicated member of staff and supported by employee volunteers.

  • The Airport Academy, a walk in, one-stop-shop for people who would like to work at the airport. Along with advertising current vacancies and holding job fairs the Academy also trains job seekers in a preparatory course and two-week work experience programme.

  • Meet the Buyer events which provide opportunities for local businesses to meet Stansted’s business partners and supply chain stakeholders in order to understand and pursue procurement opportunities within the airport economic zone.

  • The Independent Stansted Consultative Committee (STACC) looks into environmental issues, passenger services and corporate affairs. This has built trust and confidence for all parties, enabling stakeholders to have genuine influence on airport policies.
  • The Aerozone was awarded “New Innovation in Employability” at the Investors in Young People Awards in 2015.
  • Increased understanding of value of the Airport’s business from local communities and stakeholders has led to greater support.
  • The expansion of the airport has led to a growing need for employees with the requisite skills and behaviours to take up roles within Stansted’s business and the businesses of their on-site partners.