Nationwide: CommunityMark Reaccreditation Case Study

Social Benefits
  • Nationwide's partnership with Shelter has helped 10,600 people into a home of their own.
  • The Talking Numbers project involved over 1,000 schools, and showed improvements in numeracy skills.
  • Since 1993, Nationwide has raised £6.8 million to help support people affected by cancer through Macmillan.
  • Nationwide pays the Living Wage, which affords people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. 75% of employees reported increases in work quality as a result of receiving the Living Wage.
  • Nationwide supported 1,010 charities in the last year.

Nationwide has very clear goals for 2017, building its strategy around issues relevant to its business, employees and members. This ensures its community investment is focused, thoroughly embedded and embraced across the business, and ultimately delivers the greatest impact.

Nationwide Building Society’s Living on Your Side five year programme focuses on three pillars – Your Home, Your Money and Your Community, with clear aims and ambitions. Based on the fact that every 11 minutes a family is made homeless, 20% of people have no savings and a 20% reduction in voluntary sector funding, Nationwide aims to achieve the following by 2017:

  • help 750,000 people into a home of their own,

  • improve financial capability and literacy and empower one million people to start saving

  • invest £15 million into local communities.

Nationwide’s collaboration with Shelter has enabled them to become the first lender to introduce long term tenancies for its landlords. This has improved the operation of the private rental market for both landlords and tenants. It has also helped 16,000 vulnerable people to get into, or to maintain, a home.

A cross-company working group, including key suppliers, has been set up to deliver the Living Wage to staff in Nationwide's 700 branches and five administration centres, and to contractors, temporary workers and service providers, and to encourage other businesses to support the Living Wage.   

This cross-business network has also helped champion Nationwide's target of a 50% increase in employee participation in communities. Overall, last year the company's employees volunteered for 74,000 hours to a value of £1.3million.

All of Nationwide’s community partners believe Nationwide lives up to its stated values and the commitments it makes.

Business Benefits
  • Your Community has given Nationwide the opportunity to engage with its members and demonstrate mutuality.
  • Community Match and Big Local have accumulated over 450,000 votes this year, contributing significantly to Nationwide's overarching target of engaging 2.16 million members.
  • Nationwide's annual employee opinion survey showed that employees involved in Citizenship were 6% more engaged than those that were not.
  • The Every Penny Counts initiative has helped secure more employee engagement, by offering quick, simple, small actions so people can get involved without significant time or financial commitment. 29% have now signed up to EPC.
  • The Big Society award from the Cabinet Office has helped open up doors to build positive relationships within Westminster.
  • Nationwide is the first retail business to bring the Living Wage campaign onto the high street. Reflecting this, Nationwide was chosen as the winner of the Living Wage Champion Awards 2014 for the South West region.
  • The Shelter relationship has also been critical in protecting Nationwide’s reputation. For example, when Shelter identified issues with the mortgage contracts of BTL lenders, Nationwide was able to work with Shelter privately to address the issues.