Zurich Insurance UK: CommunityMark Reaccreditation Case Study

Social Benefits
  • As a result of Zurich's local grant programme, 66% of charities involved reported the ability to keep an existing service going, 27% to expand an existing service, and 18% to provide a new service, while 23% felt it had helped their charity to become more sustainable.
  • The ten year Breaking the Cycle programme developed with Addaction, tackling parental substance misuse and its impact on the family, reaches 1,550 families a year. An impact assessment concluded that 73% of participants reduced substance misuse, and 74% improved parenting and prioritisation of children as a result of the programme.
  • Age UK’s Call In Time programme set up in partnership with Zurich, now engages employees across multiple companies with 2,000 older, isolated people every week.

Zurich Insurance UK, working with the company's charitable arm the Zurich Community Trust, has demonstrated application of the five principles of good community investment through their robust systems of delivering and measuring impact, partnerships and engagement of key stakeholders. 

Local needs are researched and community organisations supported through the Zurich Community Trust’s grant giving and complimented by practical support from Zurich’s employees.  

The Zurich Community Trust has also developed national partnerships across three issues selected by Zurich employees - disadvantaged children, older people and mental health issues.  Zurich has also been able to replicate effective activities and processes developed with one community partner in order to support others.

The Zurich Community Trust has good systems in place to track and measure impact and recognise when current systems require development; this ensures they continue to gather the impact data they require.

The Trust has a Dependence to Independence mission aligned to Zurich’s business of mitigating risk and providing people with an independent financial future. It supports over 40 local charities on a multi-year funding basis, as well as national partners on key issues.  Feedback from both charities and employee volunteers is regularly reviewed to ensure that impact is being made and that programmes remain relevant and responsive.  Targets are set and monitored.

The Zurich Community Challenge Week gives an excellent example of a structure to maximise impact, with community champions, Senior Ambassadors involved, along with progress reporting and toolkits available for Zurich offices.  Since its launch in 2012, it has gone from strength to strength, with 12% of employees from 34 countries around the group engaged in over 10,000 hours of activities.

Another innovative activity is the customer service training set up by Zurich and Capita in order to enhance the service and support provided to vulnerable customers, as part of their partnership with Alzheimer’s Society.

The Zurich Community Trust's programmes with Addaction and The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition ares helping to influence service provision and the support provided to clients.

Business Benefits
  • Employee engagement has improved motivation and pride in the company. 53% of employees report improved wellbeing and happiness, while 56% felt more pride in working for Zurich because of engagement in community programmes.
  • Zurich UK's national partnerships have helped it improve customer service. For example, the Alzheimer's Society has trained its customer facing teams to better understand those living with dementia.
  • Zurich UK has an improved understanding and management of mental health. Community investment activities were a catalyst to signing up to the Time 2 Change pledge, a public commitment to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace.