Responsible Business Tracker®​ – Helping businesses to measure and track how responsible they are

What is the Responsible Business Tracker®​?
The Responsible Business Tracker® is a measurement tool available to all Business in the Community (BITC) members. It enables an assessment of their performance as a responsible business by tracking their progress against BITC’s Responsible Business Map, which was built on the UN’s Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Your organisation or sector may call this work corporate responsibility (CR), corporate social responsbility (CSR), sustainability or corporate citizenship but at BITC we call it responsible business.

The Tracker offers gap analysis, benchmarking against sector peers and the overall cohort and, through a scoring mechanism, the opportunity for recognition of leading practice, improvement and innovation. Scoring data can be leveraged internally to create the traction for change. The Tracker identifies the areas of strength where companies can provide leadership to others and provides a route to recognition through BITC’s awards.

The Tracker is core to BITC membership, enabling each member to work with their relationship manager to plan how they can best engage with BITC to drive improvement. As the Tracker is scored, it records improvement over time, so companies can benchmark performance. Scores will not be made public; the Tracker drives increased engagement within an organisation.

Why complete the Responsible Business Tracker®?
It is comprehensive yet manageable in size; bespoke while still allowing comparison between businesses; it provides qualitative insights alongside quantitative scores; it is impact focused; and is aligned with the Global Goals. It covers the responsible business agenda, caters for medium and large businesses in all sectors and is suitable for both listed and unlisted businesses. Crucially, the Tracker enables members to work with their relationship managers to plan how to make best use of the tools BITC offers to achieve positive change.

How can I find out more
Discover the responsible business insights from our Tracker pilot data set in our report Responsible Business Tracker® Insights: Raising The Bar. Also read the thoughts of Maria-Jose Subiela, Global Goals Director at Business in the Community, on why we should all be excited about the Responsible Business Tracker®.

Contact or, if you are a Business in the Community member, your relationship manager to find out more.

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