Responsible Business Tracker®​ - Helping businesses to measure how responsible they are

What is the Responsible Business Tracker®​?
The Responsible Business Tracker®​ is a measurement tool designed to enable a business to measure their performance as a responsible business. 

The Tracker is aligned with the Global Goals (the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) that underpin the Business in the Community Responsible Business Map. The Tracker enables a business to navigate and contribute to the realisation of the goals by identifying the key issues that need to be addressed to ensure long-term financial value, enabling both society and the planet to thrive. 

What areas of business does the Responsible Business Tracker®​ cover?
The Tracker covers the whole responsible business agenda, aligns with the Global Goals, caters for medium and large businesses in all sectors, and is suitable for both listed and unlisted businesses. It offers not just a gap analysis but also benchmarking and recognition.

How often will the Responsible Business Tracker®​ cycle run? 
The Tracker is a biennial tool. A biennial cycle enables organisations to focus and work on the feedback received from their Corporate Adviser in a timely fashion before embarking on the next cycle.

Can my business participate in the Responsible Business Tracker®?
Business in the Community is now piloting the Responsible Business Tracker®​ with 82 forerunner member companies from 26 sectors. Participating companies will trial the survey tool between September and December 2018. After completing the survey, they will receive practical tips and examples of good practice, as well as tailored advice and an action plan from a Business in the Community Corporate Adviser. The first public cycle will open in 2019. 

How can I find out more?
Please contact Alex Ferrand, Business in the Community Responsible Business Tracker®​ Manager.