Application process

The CommunityMark application process is flexible and designed to support companies working toward the standard.

The basis of the CommunityMark is an online survey, which assesses how companies develop, integrate and manage community investment across their business.

It also assesses what positive differences have been made in the community and in the business as a result of community projects, partnerships and employee engagement.

The survey has been designed to reflect operational differences between small (under 500 employees) and large (500+ employees) businesses.


Registration is the first step towards achieving the CommunityMark, and can be done at any time. To register, contact us at or call 020 7566 6677.

Once your company has registered, you will receive a username and password to access the online CommunityMark survey. You will also be invoiced. Your company has a two-year window in which to complete and finalise your survey application before it is assessed.

One-to-one advice

You will be assigned a one-to-one adviser, who will liaise with you and support you through the assessment process.  You will be invited to attend a surgery session with other companies applying for the CommunityMark. These surgeries  are run by CommunityMark advisers and include a presentation from a CommunityMark company.


Assessments are conducted by trained BITC staff who will challenge and clarify any points of doubt. Scores are passed to a moderation panel facilitated by an independent third party which finalises them. They are then put forward to the CommunityMark Independent Approvals Panel (IAP), which checks for any inconsistencies in CommunityMark applications.  Read more about the assessment process.


The CommunityMark costs £10,000 + VAT for members of Business in the Community, and £12,000 + VAT for non-members.

Download a breakdown of the application, assessment and achievement process: CommunityMark Application Process (180 kb)

If you have any queries about the CommunityMark application process please refer to our FAQs page or email