CommunityMark Business Benefits

Companies achieving the CommunityMark recognise that investing time, skills and resource into communities not only benefits those communities but bring long-term sustainable returns for their company.
There are benefits both to achieving the CommunityMark standard, and to undergoing the application and assessment process.

Benefits of achieving the CommunityMark
The primary purpose of the CommunityMark is to recognise and reward excellence. Benefits related to this include:

  • Improved employee and customer loyalty
  • Development of an integrated approach and common language across your business and
  • community investment strategy
  • External validation and recognition from an independent third party
  • Raised profile and recognition of community investment within the company
  • Enhanced corporate reputation among peers, media, government and other stakeholders as part
  • of a cohort of companies leading the Community Investment agenda
  • Support for the ongoing internal business case for employee volunteering and employee engagement
  • Provision of leadership platforms and opportunities to showcase best practice to peers and key stakeholder groups

Benefits of applying for the CommunityMark
The CommunityMark survey and process is built on five principles of community investment excellence. Benefits relating to this include:

  • Access to a management framework for current and future community investment activities
  • Alignment, via a tried and tested process, of community investment activities with business goals and targets
  • Access to a set of coherent principles to support development of new projects and programmes with excellence built in from the start
  • Comprehensive feedback to highlight key strengths and development areas for improvement.
 If you would like your business to benefit from CommunityMark, find out more about the CommunityMark application process, or contact us on or 020 7566 6623 to register your company.