Arts & Business - Private Investment in Culture Survey: Where is Private Investment to the Arts going?

This survey looks at the extent of private sector support and investment in culture in England in 2011/12.

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This year’s survey shows a relatively modest rise in total private sector investment of 7.6%. When compared to the state of the economy, however, this looks like a remarkably robust show of support for culture.

Two main concerns arise from the figures. First, the increasing dominance of cultural organisations based in London in terms of who is raising the most money. Second, the increasing reliance on Trust and Foundation support. These issues, along with a brief analysis of the support given by businesses and individuals, are explored in this report.

The Arts & Business Private Sector Investment in Culture Survey has been running for over 30 years and, in the process, has become not just the most authoritative source of information on the way that the private sector engages with the wide cultural sector but also a rare longitudinal study on how that support has changed over the years. It is unique in the world.