A Brave New World? Why businesses must ensure an inclusive digital revolution.

A Brave New World? Why businesses must ensure an inclusive digital revolution
This paper is a call to action to UK businesses, NGOs and policymakers to collaborate and innovate to ensure that business and society benefit from the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

The digital transformation of the UK economy is a significant opportunity to drive growth and prosperity for the betterment of both business and citizens. It also offers the chance to reduce poverty and inequalities, improve livelihoods and enable us to better manage growth on a finite planet.

However, this digital transformation also presents challenges to society. Some forecasts suggest that as many as ten million jobs (35 per cent of today’s UK workforce) could be lost due to automation by 2035 alone. And the negative impacts of reduced face-to-face interactions and hyper-connectivity are only just starting to be understood.

In order to understand and define the role of responsible business in this digital era, Business in the Community is launching a new programme that will, over the coming months, combine thought with action and set a new agenda for UK businesses. This paper serves as a call to action for all UK businesses, NGOs and policymakers, as it is only through collaborative and innovative approaches that we will benefit fully from the opportunities provided by digital transformation.

In the report.

  • Key stats on what our digital future will look like.

  • An outline of the UK's position in the digital economy and the potential benefits of digital transformation for economic growth and for society and the environment.

  • Five key challenges created by digital transformation: skills, stakeholder concerns, environmental impacts, uneven access to digital technology and pressure on communities and wellbeing.

  • A call for businesses to focus on three major opportunities to stimulate discussion and debate:

    • Enabling the rapid transition of employees from traditional jobs to the high-quality jobs of the future

    • Ensuring that digital technology is used to enhance transparency of business practices and operations

    • Finding new ways to deliver social and environmental benefits while creating business value.

  • Ten questions for business leaders to ask themselves.

  • An outline of the programme of events and action Business in the Community will carry out to lead this agenda.