Business’ Unique Contribution: International Disaster Relief

International Disaster Relief
A report by Business in the Community on how business is responding to international disasters around the world, using findings from surveys of businesses and NGOs and award winning case studies.

The frequency and intensity of disasters will increase over the coming decades, and globalisation means the impacts of those disasters on business are increasingly evident. Business is being called upon to scale up its response to such events by internal and external stakeholders.

The challenge is now how to maximise the unique business contribution. Through their actions, leading organisations have demonstrated that business and social value can be increased by taking a strategic approach, building the business case and developing long term collaborative partnerships. Going beyond financial contributions, these businesses are also offering their skills, products and services in relief efforts, while ensuring they are prepared for disasters.

Business in the Community encourages businesses to step up to this challenge to identify and deliver on its unique contribution to disaster relief.

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