Business case guide for biodiversity and ecosystem services

This guide helps companies understand their relationship to the natural world and how they can integrate business activity with the essential preservation of natural resources, landscapes and species.

It illustrates by example how companies have successfully combined business performance with the conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of essential ecosystem services, and points to current reference sources and guidance.

Just as business recognises the core value of placing climate change and carbon reduction at the heart of sustainable business practice, leading companies are increasingly aware of the essential need to align sustainable business goals with the conservation of natural resources which underpin all of life on earth as well as their commercial and manufacturing processes. If not faced head on the continued unsustainable depletion of natural resources, or biodiversity, ecosystem services and landscapes, will result in economic decline, increased poverty and inequality for all.

Action to conserve and enhance biodiversity can help you to:
  • Protect raw materials
  • Boost sustainability of natural business services
  • Mitigate risk to business operations and services
  • Improve reputation and trust
  • Create new business opportunities