Business in the Community's Business Plan 2015-2016

Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. Our members work together to tackle issues that are essential to creating a fairer society and a sustainable future.

2014-15 was the final year of our three-year programme structured around what we “asked” of our members and what we “offered” to them as we work together to improve society. 2016-17 will see the start of a programme to take us to our vision for 2020 and beyond.

For 2015-16 our main priorities are:

  • Grow the movement

Increase numbers of businesses in membership and engaged in our campaigns, build a stronger leadership offer, and introduce a more focused and strategic way to engage our advocates and build a pipeline for leadership teams.

  • Finish what we’ve started

Deliver our flagship programmes and build the collaborations that take them to scale. Focus our work on the five issues above and develop a stronger offer in the Environment. Implement the Membership and Seeing is Believing review detailed in Section 3.

  • Generate greater profile for BITC

Take more opportunities to be the opinion leader and leverage our expertise. Seek more visibility for the brand of BITC and increase our digital audience to grow our reach.

  • Keep our finger on the pulse and respond faster to opportunities

Develop a more strategic and focused approach to sharing our knowledge and research. Introduce a overarching content to strengthen our core proposition and a cross organisational way of creating it. Produce a simple memorable list of policy asks of government.

  • Increase our scale and impact

We need better measurement of our impact and core data from our membership. We will identify ambitious 5 year goals that we can report against on an annual basis. We will introduce better collation and sharing of testimonials from customers and beneficiaries.

We know that by 2020 we must be achieving even more scale and impact. To do that we must increase the number of companies we call members in our network. We must also get greater engagement of those members.

As we cast our sights to 2020, we do not forget that working to the slender margins of a charity we need every year between now and then to be a success. Nor will we become so focussed on the medium term that we take our finger off the pulse or lose our speed of response to pressing opportunities or social crises.


This document is the consolidated summary of the detailed plans produced and scrutinized by the campaign and regional teams listed in the appendix.