Coca-Cola - Choice and Information: delivering on our commitments

Coca-Cola 'Choice and information' report
After signing up to the Public Health Responsibility Deal, Coca-Cola changed its products and their presentation and marketing in order to tackle health concerns such as obesity and inactivity.

‘Choice and information: delivering on our commitments’ details the steps Coca-Cola have taken to meet the demands of the Deal as well as their work in local communities.

Healthier products

  • Reduced the calories by 5% in sparkling drinks

  • Reduced calories by more than 30% in leading soft drinks

  • Increased marketing in no-calorie and no-sugar colas by 52%

Information for the consumer

  • No marketing to children under the age of 12

  • Clear and transparent nutritional labelling helps informed choices

Supporting active, healthy lifestyles

  • Coca-Cola signed up to Responsibility Deal’s Physical Activity Network

  • Launched ParkLives in 2014 to provide activities for children and families

The future

  • UK will likely be the first country where 50% of sales of Coca-Cola products will be lower or zero-calorie drinks

  • A further 5% of calories will be cut from its range by 2025

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