Connecting society event - preliminary findings

Findings from a Connecting Society event at which delegates discussed the disconnectedness in society highlighted by the European Union referendum, and what action business should take to tackle this.

One of the most significant realisations to come from the recent referendum on membership of the European Union in Junewas not the outcome, but the divides in our society that have been highlighted as a result. In response, Business in the Community convened 90 public and private sector representatives on 22 September to explore the role of business in responding to disconnectedness in society, which was so starkly highlighted by the referendum.

Roundtable discussions confirmed that inequality and a lack of trust between local communities, businesses and government, were key factors behind the disconnection in society and that they are interrelated. The discussions highlighted that organisations need to understand both the net impact of their activities on the communities in which they operate, and the reality of how people perceive these activities.

Download the report for more detail, plus contact information for businesses interested in becoming involved on these issues.

Key themes emerging from the event
  • We need to improve the development and communication of the business and social case to build support for engaging communities.
  • We need to expand the definition of stakeholders, increase collaboration and step up leadership.
  • We need to get better at thinking local and scaling up to have a wider-reaching impact.