Corporate Sustainability Annual Update 2014, PwC UK

PwC Sustainability Report 2014
This report links PwC’s sustainability strategy to its wider business context, summarises their sustainability performance, and calculates its total economic, tax, environmental and social impact.
Key findings
  • This year, PwC’s total economic, tax, social and environmental impacts for its 2014 financial year were an estimated £4.12bn
  • Carbon emissions have fallen by 26% since the baseline year of 2007, currently ahead of target
  • The proportion of new partners at PwC who were women doubled last year to 32%
  • 51,000 hours were dedicated to volunteering last year, 53% of which were skills based
  • 18,500 people in PwC’s communities benefitted from the firm’s volunteering activities

The PwC UK 2014 corporate sustainability update outlines the firm’s progress towards meeting its 2017 sustainability targets, and shares sustainability highlights from the year.

For the first time this year, the report incorporates a number of elements recommended by the International Integrated Reporting Framework, including a description of the firm’s business model, explaining how it creates value for stakeholders.

PwC business model diagram

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For the second year, the report also applies PwC’s proprietary Total Impact Measurement & Management (TIMM) framework to its own UK business, putting the monetary value of its impact on society, the environment, the treasury, and the economy at £4.12bn.


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