CR Index 2014 Insight Report

Business in the Community’s CR Index provides insight into how leading companies are driving responsible business practice. Six key trends have been identified this year.

Leading companies, such as those highlighted throughout this report, are linking their progress to remuneration, training and board development, but more progress is needed to ensure that sustainability is a priority at board and at a senior level.

We would also like to see more companies addressing the living wage, particularly in sectors where this could have the most impact, but this is currently being overlooked, such as the construction and support service industries.

Our research shows that many more companies need to move from passive integration to what we see as the next challenge, active and quality engagement, monitoring and empowerment of stakeholders.

Currently, 80% of our CR Index companies’ boards have agreed and monitored their policy on taxation, with half of CR Index participant companies publicly disclosing their policies.  We will continue to monitor this, and encourage more companies to disclose taxation policies.

Sustainable production is an area of significant progress, with 63% taking steps to develop sustainable products and services, business processes or sourcing practices that have a longer return investment. But the vast majority of investments have focussed on responsible energy supply, rather than new products and services.

We would hope that as companies assess the economic value of CR and how global mega-trends will affect their business, this will increase strategic buy-in and sustainable product and service offers will become the driving force of a leading responsible business.

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