The DRIVERs project: Employer briefing

Improvements in quality of work, particularly for people in lower occupational groups, would contribute significantly to a healthy and more productive Europe.
Recommendations for employers
  • Create supportive employment policies that help women return to work and parents combine work with parental responsibilities.
  • Support programmes that help vulnerable people facing multiple barriers to work back into the labour market.
  • Improve the quality of work, particularly for lower status occupations which are at greater risk of workplace stress in modern economies.
  • Go beyond compliance to broaden their understanding of what contributes to a healthy workplace.

The DRIVERS project, undertaken by a consortium of research bodies from 2012-15, builds on the growing body of evidence which shows that reducing health inequalities requires action across a number of policy areas. The research focuses on three of the main drivers or ‘social determinants’ that influence a person’s health: fair employment, social protection and early childhood development.

Alongside academic and non-academic partners, Business in the Community undertook detailed research to support the fair employment and working conditions strand, including:

This employers briefing paper summarises the vast body of research carried out across Europe as part of the DRIVERS project. To access all reports and findings, visit 

The research was carried out by University College London, Dusseldorf University and CHESS (Swedish Centre for Health Equity Studies) – in partnership with organisations representing the public health sector, civil society and business (EuroHealthNet, Eurochild, Business in the Community and the European Anti-Poverty Network). The project was managed by EuroHealthNet.