Enterprise Checklist: Stronger together - big business supporting SMEs

Large organisations can do much to support their small business counterparts, with benefits not only for the businesses involved but also for the wider economy.
Key recommendations
  • Big business needs to engage with SMEs and act responsibly towards them
  • Business should support small businesses and help them grow
  • Doing business with SMEs is one of the most important actions business can take

There are 4.5 million small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, providing employment, goods and services across the full range of industry sectors.

They account for 99 per cent of all businesses in the UK, and are the backbone of the economy.

Changes in the way big companies engage with SMEs, such as taking a positive approach to SMEs pitching for work can make a big difference to these enterprise's ability to succed and grow.

This short report outlines practical steps big businesses can take to support SMEs, illustrated with best-practice case studies from leading companies.

The Enterprise Checklist has been inspired by material gathered through the Enterprise Inquiries, supported by Santander and the Department of Communities and Local Government.