Generation Talent - six month review

The Generation Talent Assessment Tool, sponsored by National Grid, was launched in November 2013 to help organisations examine how they connect with and recruit young unemployed people.

The UK economy is turning a corner yet youth unemployment remains stubbornly high at 19.8%. If businesses don’t act now this huge cohort of talented young people may become a ‘lost generation’.

To date over 50 organisations have already completed this 10-minute Generation Talent questionnaire and received a bespoke feedback report revealing areas for improvement.

We have undertaken an analysis of data from the assessment tool to identify any trends or gaps in the way organisations currently recruit, attract and engage with this generation of unemployed people.

This six month review has been sponsored by Pertemps. Carmen Watson, chairperson of Pertemps, has outlined the case for Generation Talent in a recent blog.

The Self Assessment Tool is open to all organisations:

- Private group -