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This publication charts GSK’s progress against their commitments in four areas – access to healthcare, embedding company values, employee volunteering and combatting climate change.


  • The Open Innovation approach is progressing well in finding treatments for non-communicable disease, tackling antibiotic resistance and extending dementia research

  • GSK aims to improve access to healthcare by committing to freeze vaccine prices in ‘Gavi’ developing countries

  • GSK has reinvested 20% of profits from sales in LDCs into strengthening their healthcare systems.

  • The goal of eliminating neglected tropical diseases and battling malaria through new products is progressing well


  • GSK has set out Third Party Code of Conduct as a basis for their expectations for third parties to comply with standards on quality, safety, ethics, labour rights and the environment.

  • In September 2014, GSK China Investment Co. Ltd (GSKCI) was found guilty of bribing non-government personnel.

  • Over 72,000 GSK employees completed additional Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) training in 2014

  • In 2013, GSK became the first company to make Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) publicly available


  • In 2014, GSK introduced a new programme enabling female leaders to enhance their network, clarify their career ambitions and build their confidence

  • GSK ranked joint fifth in the UK Government’s 2014 report on women’s  representation on the boards of FTSE 100 companies

  • This year GSK has made good progress towards their target of implementing a preventative healthcare initiative globally by 2018


  • GSK aims to have a carbon neutral supply chain by 2050

  • Carbon emissions from logistics and production of inhalers has actually increased by 17% since 2010

  • Operational carbon emissions have been reduced in many centres around the world

  • In 2014, GSK extended their ‘Turn off the Tap’ campaign, adding the logo and labelling toothpastes

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