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Travel with Purpose – Hilton Worldwide
Hilton Worldwide’s CR report discusses its strategy to drive positive impact while supporting business success, by creating opportunities, strengthening communities and preserving the environment.
Key findings
  • Travel with Purpose was designed to examine global issues where Hilton can make an impact while simultaneously contributing to its future success. Activity is focused on three core issues that Hilton can positively influence
  • Creating Opportunities: Hilton announced a commitment to invest in youth in 2014 and has since reached more than 400,000 young people through apprenticeship programs, career engagement and life skills training
  • Strengthening Communities: Hilton hotels are active in their communities and set aside each October to celebrate this commitment, activating 4,145 volunteer projects resulting in 213,000 volunteer hours during the 2014 Global Month of Service
  • Preserving the Environment: Hilton tracks, analyses and improves natural resource management, reducing energy use by 14.5%, carbon by 20.9%, waste by 27.6% and water by 14.1%. Saving $550m
  • Recognising the power of “intrapreneurs” to find solutions to challenges in their communities, Hilton has also awarded nearly 200 Travel with Purpose Action Grants to hotels and offices that partner with local organisations to address these global issues

Hilton Worldwide’s fourth annual CR report outlines the role that Travel with Purpose has played in bringing the company’s vision and values to life by uniting the organisation around a set of global issues that connect the business to society.

The report outlines the company’s strategy and successes in three core areas of focus: creating pathways to opportunities for young people, building stronger communities and preserving our environment.

Activation has included the development of partnerships with organisations such as the International Youth Foundation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative to advocate for key issues at a global level, coupled with programs like Travel with Purpose Action Grants to galvanise teams to address local challenges.

The report demonstrates that as Hilton’s programmes have matured they are starting to see the impact they can have by engaging their hotels around the world and aligning on key issues that support the long term viability of the business, while also benefitting society at large.

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